Orthognathic Surgery

A New Horizon of Wellness with Orthognathic Surgery

Discover the intersection of vitality and harmony with Orthodontics by Bradford’s orthognathic surgery options. Dive deeper than the surface; this isn’t merely a cosmetic fix. It’s a doorway to relief from persistent pain, a pathway to enhanced digestive health, and the key to unlocking clearer speech.

What sets us apart at Orthodontics by Bradford? It’s our heartfelt commitment to your holistic well-being. Every surgical plan is meticulously curated to reflect your unique needs, supported by cutting-edge technology that stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking not just a smile makeover, but a life makeover.

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Dr. Bradford & Colby Bradford

Navigating Your Journey with Compassion and Expertise

Choosing Orthodontics by Bradford means opting into a circle of trust and empathy. The thought of orthognathic surgery can be overwhelming, but in our care, you’ll find a sanctuary of support and understanding. From the warmth of our initial greetings to the detailed discussions of your surgical plan, and through the recovery process, we stand by you, for you.

Inquiries, clarifications, or seeking comfort? Our doors and hearts are open. You’re more than a name in our appointment book; you’re an integral part of the Orthodontics by Bradford family. Together, we’re not just enhancing smiles; we’re elevating lives!

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4.9 Over 235 Reviews
Very upbeat and happy office. Staff excellent and addressing our 11-year-olds concerns about braces. Dr. Bradford equally warm and gentle with us. Highly recommend this office for orthodontics.
Another friendly visit. The staff takes the time to address your concerns. They are all so helpful. I recommend this place to everyone.
My daughter Riley, loves her Dr Bradford and his staff. She cannot wait for her appointments. Her teeth are looking great and we can’t wait to see the end results.
Thanks for giving her a great journey to an amazing smile 😃
Dr.Bradford & his team are professionals. His is a perfectionist at his profession.I highly recommend.