Bradford Bucks Program

Thank You For Being Part Of Our Practice Family. We Would Like To Reintroduce Our Rewards Program
Which Rewards You For Your Proper Oral Hygiene!

At each scheduled visit, you can earn multiple Bradford Bucks!

You MUST have good oral hygiene to participate in the reward program.

You Can Earn Your Bradford Bucks By Having Over Four Of The Following…

  • Clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Arriving on time
  • Having no broken or loose appliances
  • Wearing your rubber bands, headgear or neck gear as instructed
  • Achieving academic excellence
  • Participating in community service
  • Awards for sports/activities
  • Wearing your OrthoByBradford T-shirt to your scheduled appointment

*And each family member wearing their Ortho By Bradford T-shirt earns
you a token as well

  • Office contests/activities

Tokens May Be Cashed In Once You Reach:

  • 40 points for a $25 gift certificate
  • 60 points for a $50 gift certificate.

We Hope You Will Have As Much Fun Earning Your Tokens As We Are With Helping You To Get
Them! Make Sure To Brush And Floss Thoroughly Every Single Day So That You Can Start
Earning Your Bradford Bucks!