Children and Teen Treatment

Adolescent Treatment

Smiles to Grow With: Nurturing Orthodontic Care

Welcome to a place where youthful smiles bloom, Orthodontics by Bradford. We’re not just about braces; we’re about nurturing confidence during the most transformative years. Our clinic understands that every child’s smile is a seed of their future, deserving the utmost care and the gentlest touch.

What makes Orthodontics by Bradford different? Heart. We see the individual behind each smile, guiding them through their orthodontic journey with cheer, empathy, and expertise. Because every child deserves a smile they’re thrilled to share.

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Adolescent Treatment

Embracing Every Stage: Tailored Orthodontics for Young Smiles

At Orthodontics by Bradford, we believe in care that adapts to each child’s unique story. That’s why our treatments are as diverse as the smiles we see. From the first consultation to the final reveal, we’re here to answer giggles, questions, and yes, even concerns, with open arms and minds.

Worried about comfort? Curious about options? Let’s chat. We’re committed to ensuring families feel informed, involved, and excited about this journey. After all, at Orthodontics by Bradford, you’re not just getting braces; you’re gaining a family dedicated to your child’s brightest smile.

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4.9 Over 235 Reviews
Very upbeat and happy office. Staff excellent and addressing our 11-year-olds concerns about braces. Dr. Bradford equally warm and gentle with us. Highly recommend this office for orthodontics.
Another friendly visit. The staff takes the time to address your concerns. They are all so helpful. I recommend this place to everyone.
My daughter Riley, loves her Dr Bradford and his staff. She cannot wait for her appointments. Her teeth are looking great and we can’t wait to see the end results.
Thanks for giving her a great journey to an amazing smile 😃
Dr.Bradford & his team are professionals. His is a perfectionist at his profession.I highly recommend.