Pediatric Orthodontics

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The Magic Number: Why Start at Age 7?

Welcome to your child’s smile adventure at Orthodontics by Bradford! We believe in more than just braces; our goal is to shape bright futures, one smile at a time. Following the guidelines of the American Board of Orthodontics, we recommend the initial orthodontic visit at age 7. Curious why?

It’s all about impeccable timing. At seven, baby teeth meet adult teeth, offering a clear preview of your child’s dental future. Instead of immediate braces, we focus on smart, early actions to address issues before they worsen.

This age is perfect for spotting concealed orthodontic concerns, from emerging overbites to crowded teeth. Early intervention can simplify or even eliminate future treatments, transforming the journey to a perfect smile into a delightful experience.  Contact Us!


Beyond Braces: Building Healthy Smiles from a Young Age

Embarking on a journey of pediatric orthodontics is like sowing the seeds for future shade. It commences with a comprehensive evaluation at Orthodontics by Bradford, emphasizing proactive well-being.

Why opt for pediatric orthodontics? It safeguards your child’s smile, forestalling any potential regrets. It goes beyond guiding incoming teeth; it nurtures jaw development, enhances speech, and bolsters self-assurance through preventive actions.

Every child’s needs are distinct, and so are our personalized plans. Whether it entails employing a straightforward device or taking early measures to ensure ample space, we prioritize meticulous, tailored care for each unique smile.

A visit at age 7 isn’t about immediate treatment; it’s about ensuring a brilliant future for your child’s smile. Join us in boosting their self-esteem and celebrating every milestone in their dental odyssey!

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