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Emergency Care

Please call our office if you are experiencing any issues and we will let you know how to best address it. Non-emergencies can be taken care of at home until an appointment can be made in the office. Check out the list below for some helpful tips:

Wire Irritations:
If the end of the wire is poking, you can push the wire away from the irritated area with a pencil eraser. If the wire does not move place a piece of wax over it until an appointment can be made to clip it. In the meantime, If the wire is still poking or loose you can cut it with a nail clipper or nail scissor that has been sterilized with alcohol.


Loose Brackets or Bands:
Please call our office if a bracket or band is loosened so that we may schedule an appointment for you. If the bracket or band is still attached to the wire, you can leave it in place. If the bracket or band or band is not connected anymore, bring it to your next appointment.


Discomfort/ Soreness with Orthodontic Treatment:
You may experience some discomfort of the teeth during orthodontic treatment, this is normal! This will usually subside 2-3 days after the orthodontic appointment. We recommend you take whatever you normally would for a headache.


Orthodontics by Bradford places the highest priority on emergency care and is available after hours at 561-758-7749

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